Oh Fiddlesticks. This Kitty Can Eat With Chopsticks.

15 Jan 2009 5:52 pm | Cat Crap, TV/Video
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This brilliant creature bears a striking resemblance to my Yoda. I need to light some candles and set the dining mood so I can see what Yodes is capable of when I superglue a spork to his paw.

You gotta check this vid, and be sure to turn up the sound. Tessa the cat's mom Faye is a piece of work. She cleans Tessa’s paws before every meal and sings “This is the way we wash our paw… wash our paw… wash our paw.” Proper!

I’m sure her husband is thrilled when their housecat wears a doily around its neck and powerhouses spaghetti’n’meatballs on the dining room table.

Oh and according to Faye, Tessa would like to eat a meal with Oprah Winfrey.

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