Hannukatz. The Musical. In Chicago. On Christmas Eve.

29 Dec 2011 9:41 am | Cat Crap

Hannukatz is Blue Man Group for Jewish felines. I more than recommend it. I think it made me love Chicago. And life.

The poster for this thang was going around the internet like catnip and when I took a closer look and saw it was a real thing, in Chicago, the same time I would be visiting… well… WE WENT. Here’s what happened.

Me holding my SIGNED Hannukatz poster. Yes, those are Christmas fingernails.

Allie won the chhhhh! pronunciation contest. But, I was one of the runners up and that’s how I won my signed poster. Yay.

His shirt says "Hannukah Sucks".

Me and the fam about to go in. Excited.

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