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Happy Halloween from Henri

Henri’s all 😐

I like how he pronounces idiot eed yote.

Happy Halloween, cat people!

Bacardi Breezers, baby!!

It’s Friday. Where’s the booze at.

Ohhhh Heaven, Let Your Light Shine Down

Collective Soul Cat.

Also, I never knew what the hell the chorus of this song was saying until I just Bing-ed it. Thought it was “Ohhhh won’t your lovin’ let your light shine down” or something.

Walking for Kisses from Roses

Now here are some men who are unafraid of their love for their putty tats.


Hannukatz. The Musical. In Chicago. On Christmas Eve.

Hannukatz is Blue Man Group for Jewish felines. I more than recommend it. I think it made me love Chicago. And life.

The poster for this thang was going around the internet like catnip and when I took a closer look and saw it was a real thing, in Chicago, the same time I would be visiting… well… WE WENT. Here’s what happened.

Me holding my SIGNED Hannukatz poster. Yes, those are Christmas fingernails.

Allie won the chhhhh! pronunciation contest. But, I was one of the runners up and that’s how I won my signed poster. Yay.

His shirt says "Hannukah Sucks".

Me and the fam about to go in. Excited.

I want to live in Kitty City

Thanks, Cyriak. Did it again.

Mr. Grabby Likes His Agua

Just like me and vodka.