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Dr. No and Dr. Tinycat

Sean Connery on the set of Dr. No with a little kitty cat. This is in Jamaica. In 1962. That’s 50 years pre-Skyfall, people.


Happy Birthday to Brandon Boyd Holding a Cat


Sad to post this one in the new Famous People with Cats category… Respect.


DJ AM with cat

I wish we could get to see more of this…

Travis Barker and DJ AM on Vimeo.

Major Tomcat to Ground Control

The Newest-in-New on Remote Control Cats… is OLD pics of celebrities and cats. Hope you like the new random kitty porn.

Here you go. First installment. The labyrinth.

David Bowie

David Bowie and Cat

(Via Gatopoder)

Love you, Michael

Man on the moon.

Here’s my tribute to Michael Jackson and cats.

Thriller Tiger

Michael Jackson, Siegfried & Roy


Michael Jackson and Panther

Michael Jackson Lion Cub

Michael Jackson with Tiger

michael jackson and cat

thriller cat