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Super Duper Dooder Cud

Kinda hard to listen to “Give me symphonies/Give me more than the life I see” song from behind my desk.

Turn off screens. Go out of doors.

Dan Black feat. Kid Cudi “Symphonies” from Chic & Artistic on Vimeo.

Let’s Do the Fork in the Garbage Disposal. Ding ding ding da ding.

Every time I get a little down… I watch the YES dance.

This kid just took it up to 11. BTW that shirt he’s wearing is custom with his name on it. Because kid is that fierce.


And here’s the original Yes dance in case you forgot. (p.s. NEVER FORGET.)

Song is super sick. Dancing is super duper sick.

Give her money and gatorade!

Scatman! Beebopbopbopbadopbope.

Little Dragon this Saturday…

Small dragon? Saturday night? Echo? Who’s in????

Just cashed in a bunch of Delta skymiles. Hawaii here I come!

The LEI-OVER in January!!

Info and RSVP here:

Checked out the new Kid Cudi…

Caught the early morning light… Bike ride on the beach, listening to the new Kid Cudi.

Some pretty cool nuggets in there, Mr. Rager.

Shine Sweet Freedom Shine Your Light On Me

Totally having a moment in the thrift store listening to “Sweet Freedom” by Michael McDonald.

Cookie jars lookin’ good in here.

“You are the magic / You’re right where I wanna be.”

And then they followed it up with PM Dawn. Set adrift salvation army bliss.


Sitting at my desk dressed as Luke Skywalker… Then 2 Live Crew – Me So Horny came on the office sound system. LUKE SKYYWALKER?!?!!