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i painted my nails all different colors and it makes it really fun to type. weeeeee. CUTE DORK.

Look at my nails. They are all different pinks and reds. Timmy thought they looked like Skittles and was briefly possessed by Satan.

Eating chocolate Teddy Grahams right now…

Scrumptious bunch of bite-sized bears.

Mammoth Meowntain

Sunny skies, my new hot pink boardin pants, and tonzzzz of snow. Workin’ it out at Mammoth Meowntain.

Sunshiny Hemlocks. You have to imagine, too, that they were playing Bootsy Collins while I was looking at this. Snow funk, y’all.

Yeah, nice weather, LA… if you’re an earthworm.

But, it makes a perfect afternoon for: WEB DESIGN AND WINE.

There are A LOT of roosters in Granny’s kitchen



It’s major.


Old Yellers

At the MoMA.

There’s a microphone in a huge room that everyone’s just yelling into.

Everything in this museum is cool.


The Trump Soho Loves Me and I Love It Back

Chillin’ in the library of the Trump Soho in NY by the fire, waiting for my massage.

That’s how u do it after a redeye flight!

Trump Soho Library

Trump Soho Spa. That's my luxurious robe. And a TV screen inside the mirror.


Sitting at my desk dressed as Luke Skywalker… Then 2 Live Crew – Me So Horny came on the office sound system. LUKE SKYYWALKER?!?!!