Happy Halloween from Henri

Henri’s all :|

I like how he pronounces idiot eed yote.

Happy Halloween, cat people!

Bad kitty!

Fuck the Police Cat GIF

I Need a Litter Genie and I Needed It Yesterday! p.s. Trippayyyyy

No… more… smelly…….

Down the rabbit hole we go:

Bacardi Breezers, baby!!

It’s Friday. Where’s the booze at.

Ohhhh Heaven, Let Your Light Shine Down

Collective Soul Cat.

Also, I never knew what the hell the chorus of this song was saying until I just Bing-ed it. Thought it was “Ohhhh won’t your lovin’ let your light shine down” or something.

Laundry day!

Busy kitty.

Laundry Cat GIF

Ain’t Nothin’ but a Party, Y’all


Walking for Kisses from Roses

Now here are some men who are unafraid of their love for their putty tats.