Just hangin’ with my adorable, snuggly digestive system.

Internal organs have never been so nauseatingly cute. The new Yakult commercial…

That one wiggly thing freaks me out though. Is it a duodenum?

Teddy Bear No Feel Vewwy Good

I am home from work today with a head cold. I am absorbing a lot of daytime TV. I just saw a story on the Channel 7 News that said sinus infections should not go untreated because they can lead to brain infections. NO!

Then this commercial came on and I realized how completely adorable it is to be sick. I am so cute right now. I’m a sad bear.

I just remembered how much I like cold medicine. Highly recommend Mucinex D. It’s like being at a rave, but it doesn’t really completely clear your snotties.

Now let’s watch this bear sniff nose spray.