Dr. No and Dr. Tinycat

Sean Connery on the set of Dr. No with a little kitty cat. This is in Jamaica. In 1962. That’s 50 years pre-Skyfall, people.


Oh, St. Patrick’s Day

Oh, St. Patrick’s Day. The day we wait in line and pay a cover at a bar we normally would not set foot in.

Fainting Goat Syndrome Kittens are soooooo coot.

Super sweet. Oh no dey feld over.

And here are the OG fainting goats.

I can’t even handle #16 in this list.

109 cats in sweaters. Check it here.



I can’t even deal with this

A fat cat got 3 small cats.
One had a dream
Of getting away in a space shuttle
With his friends

Because kittens dream too.

Barfworthy Kitty Porn

It’s a twofer. One and two and…

Switch’s MySpace Profile Pic

Hells yeah. Speaking our language:

Switch's MySpace Profile Pic

This is Switch’s MySpace profile pic.


Listen to the tunes on his playlist while you look at the computer screen through your thick ass glasses with a kitten covering your bald spot.


Magic Roomba Ride, Jr.

Remember how Muppets were awesome and then they came out with Muppet Babies and you were like oh my god it’s just like my beloved Muppets except smaller and cuter and younger?

Why did they never come up with GI Joe Babies or Jem Babies? I liked those shows.

Let me introduce the Babies version of the cat riding around on a Roomba. It was posted here on Remote Control Cats a ways back.

Roomba kittens!