Love you, Michael

Man on the moon.

Here’s my tribute to Michael Jackson and cats.

Thriller Tiger

Michael Jackson, Siegfried & Roy


Michael Jackson and Panther

Michael Jackson Lion Cub

Michael Jackson with Tiger

michael jackson and cat

thriller cat

My Bucket List

Got in a little car accident recently… so I decided to make a bucket list. It does not include things like “Run a marathon,” “Finish reading the Bible,” and “Visit every continent.”

1. Get on stage at a Girl Talk show.

Girl Talk Show


2. Hug a lion or tiger.

Lion Hug


3. Race in the Gumball 3000.

(Pic somewhat related.)

Gumball 3000 Promo


4. Own a Patron track suit.

Patron Suit


5. Own an amphibious RV and drive it to every summer festival.

(Coachella, Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, Austin City Limits, what have you.)

Terrawind Amphibious RV


6. Have a Wikipedia entry about me.

God, what a narcissist.



7. Complete my 15-minute Adult Swim pilot.

Adult Swim TV


8. Go to the Superbowl.

This one feels too obvious, but I’m leaving it on here anyway.

(Pic somewhat related.)

Occasionally smokes a bowl


9. Learn to whistle.

Yes I’m that lame.



10. Demolish a car with a crowbar or baseball bat.

Last bucket list item gets a vid clip! You see what happens, Larry?

Driving a Lion around the Wall of Death in a Sidecar


Lion in a Sidecar

Found on PopJam.